December Fog on Beaver Brook – Jonathan’s Woods

December Fog on Beaver Brook

Jonathan’s Woods
Morris County NJ

I stood out in the water precariously on the old beaver dam to bring the distant trees and their reflections near to the lens in this study of minimalism.

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Filming Wood Frogs at Jonathan’s Woods

Denville NJ

A warm March day in Morris County means a loud Spring chorus and a busy afternoon for the local Wood Frogs.

I am out filming with my tripod mounted Canon SL2 + Tamron SP 150-600mm G2 lens

POWWW’s 2019 Guided Mushroom Walk

Powww’s first Mushroom walk was a great success! With 50 enthusiastic participants we covered a lot information at a show and tell table cover in a variety of fungi from at least 25 different species.

After the table discussion most of the group trekked off on the teal trail from the parking lot to do some foraging of their own were we found many more fungi to marvel at. Some we positively identified

And some were left as unknown or know only to general group.

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POWWW’s 2019 Dragonfly Walk with Chris Ryerson

We had a great Dragonfly Walk at Jonathan’s Woods this morning led by Chris Ryerson.
Participants got to observe dragonflies and damselflies at close range and Chris gave us great insight into the lifecycles of these interesting carnivores. Thank you to our walk leaders and attendees.

POWWW‘s next free nature program is the Edible Mushroom Walk in August –


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POWWW’s Secrets of the Forest Walk 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended Protect Our Wetlands Water and Woods‘ Secrets of The Forest Walk at Jonathan’s Woods. We examined glacial erratic boulders and identified traditional edible plants.
POWWW’s next free guided event will be the Dragonflies Walk with Entomologist Chris Ryerson on July 7th. RSVP here –
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Northern Gray Tree Frog

IMG_2695 copy.jpg

Northern Gray Tree Frog
Jonathan’s Woods, Morris County NJ
This Tree Frog was silent and mostly motionless so it was dumb luck that I noticed it.
Tamron SP 180mm macro lens + Canon M50

Northern Gray Tree Frog

 Jonathan’s Woods, Morris County NJ

 Seen in a shrubby area on a recent hot & humid day.

Filmed with the Canon EOS M50 + Tamron SP 180mm macro lens

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