Hilltop Reservation NJ

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Verona, New Jersey

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Quick cell HDR photographs from a walk after work.

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Hilltop is one of five reservations within the Essex County Park system. As indicated in the signs below, this is the former site of the Essex Mountain Sanatorium.

Hilltop Reservation now has accredation by the National Wildlife Refuge as a certified wildlife habitat.

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Two Sisters Wetland Preserve

Two Sisters Wetland Preserve Property, Wayne NJ

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Cellphone HDR photos from location scouting I arbitrarily visit local open spaces that I see on Google Maps. This was my first time visiting this wetland and floodplain area adjacent to the Pompton River.

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Nice yet small wetlands that gets a decent amount of sunlight. I can imagine this being a decent area for viewing wildlife such as marsh birds, turtles, salamanders, and nesting hawks and woodland warblers.

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Expect to encounter mud if you want to scan the ponds. Google Maps should get you into this small preserved open space.

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