View from Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch

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View from Wildcat Ridge Hawk Watch
Rockaway Township, New Jersey
Free upcoming guided hike (strenuous) to Wildcat Ridge –

Morning at Double Kill Marsh

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Morning at Double Kill Marsh
Appalachian Trail, New Jersey
Seen on a recent hike from Waywayanda State Park. The signature white blaze of the Appalachian Trail can be found roadside just beyond the main entrance to Waywayanda.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm VC

Long Bridge at Black Run

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Long Bridge at Black Run
Black Run Preserve, Evesham, Burlington County NJ
Crossing this 10 foot stretch of “bridge” on a nature trail almost seemed like a good idea until I gauged the depth at nearly 4 feet with my tripod. Carrying 20 lbs of unwieldy photography gear in a backpack also convinced me that this trail was not for me.
Visit Black Run Preserve –

Trail and Pond – Tall Pines State Preserve

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Trail and Pond
Tall Pines State Preserve, Gloucester County NJ
This was my first visit to Gloucester County’s first state park. I found the walk leisurely and scenic and I am glad to know that this area has their own state park for recreation.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm VC

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Denville, NJ

Taken recently, through living room window. It only took about 3 days of having a new filled feeder out for a local Hummingbird to start visiting us. I put a feeder up in both the frontyard and the backyard and intentionally placed the feeders in habitat that includes both sunlight and a little bit of tree cover. My plan seemed to be to the birds’ liking so far.

Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2 + Canon SL2

Morning Light on Highlands Trail

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Morning Light on Highlands Trail
Mahlon Dickerson County Reservation, Jefferson NJ
More info on the Highlands Trail –
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm VC

Late Day Sun and Marl Works

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Late Day Sun and Marl Works
As the sun lowered on the horizon only a few stray rays of light penetrated the forest around White Lake.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron 15-30mm Lens

Trail and Marl Works

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Trail and Marl Works
White Lake Natural Resource Area, Hardwick NJ
It is difficult to show the sheer size of the ruins in a single photograph but here is the hiking trail winding around the old Marl Works.
Mi from Metrotrails has posted a historic photo here –
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm

Morning Light on Woodland Trail

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Morning Light on Woodland Trail
Merrill Creek Reservoir, Warren County NJ
I liked how the morning sun swept through a sliver across the forest providing some shadows and highlights in the understory.
Visit Merrill Creek Reservoir –
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm

View from Sunrise Mountain

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View from Sunrise Mountain
Stokes State Forest, Sussex County, New Jersey
Great panoramic views atop Sunrise Mountain and you can often interact with hikers working their ways North on the Appalachian Trail.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm lens.