New Jersey Nature Photography: Hibernia Brook #2

Below is my favorite photo from yesterday.  A 10-stop neutral density filter was fitted over my lens, greatly increasing exposure time and consequently softening the appearance of the water.  I’ve been told by family members that this style of photo looks “fake”.  An interesting thought is that a camera can’t record fake images, but imaging devices have the ability to capture time in ways greatly different than the human eye.  There are theories that the human eye/brain refreshes at a rate of approximately 1/50th of a second.  A person could deduce that long and fast exposures may consequently look “fake” to humans.  Does the human perception of time dictate what’s real and what isn’t?  …deep thoughts…

NJ Nature Photo

Softly flowing water falls into shadows and intersects with dark rocks. Photo taken in #NewJersey with the #Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens and the #Olympus PEN E-PL3 m43 camera.

Exposure settings: 2s F/10 ISO 200, 150mm

Equipment used: Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens + ND filter + Olympus PEN E-PL3 camera

New Jersey Nature Photography: Water Falling on Leaf #1

Yesterday, while out doing local nature photography in Morris County, New Jersey, I decided to pair my Tamron 14-150mm Di III All-In-One lens with a set of Meike MK-P-AF3B extension tubes to my Olympus PEN EPL3 micro four thirds camera.  The purpose of the extension tubes was to allow the lens to focus closer than normal.  The main drawback of tubes is always the loss of infinity focus.

Below is my favorite shot from yesterday morning, and an uncropped one.  It always becomes a visual exploration for me to photographically capture little segments of nature, especially with moving elements like water.  The weathered Oak Leaf was a great secondary element, located just under the trickles of water.  The trickles were falling off a mossy rock in a slight bend in the stream.  Post-processing on the photo included a slight creative white balance shift, and also some reintroduction of contrast to the RAW file.

NJ Nature Art

A closeup photo of three small trails of water descending around an old Oak Leaf in #NewJersey. Picture taken with the #Tamron 14-150mm All-In-One Lens, Meike AF extension tubes for close focus, and the #Olympus PEN E-PL3 micro four thirds camera.

Exposure settings: 1s F/9 ISO 200, 132mm

Equipment used:
Tamron 14-150mm Di III All-In-One lens

Zeikos 52mm circular polarizing filter

Meike MK-P-AF3B extension tubes

Olympus PEN EPL3 m43 camera

Manfrotto 488RC2 ballhead

Benro carbon fiber tripod

For a quick look at the camera and lens setup, view on my Instagram account –

New Jersey Art Photo: Cedar

The below featured photo was taken two days in Morris County, New Jersey.  I employed a few different shooting techniques that day, ranging from Impressionist strokes (ICM) to straightforward lock-down shots on my tripod.  Some photos are successful, majority were not.  I expect many photos to be compositional and technical failures, it’s part of the journey and if creating good art was easy it would be less gratifying.

Moving along… the shot below was taken handheld with a very slight vertical hand movement aka Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).  This photo works for me because the composition looks balanced and the details like the tree bark are very visible, yet the photo is inherently soft.  A slight white balance shift completes the piece.

NJ Art Photo

An #art photo of a cedar tree, executed in an #Impressionist manner. Photo taken with the #Tamron 16300mm VC AllInOne lens and the Canon EOS 50D DSLR.

Exposure settings: 2s F/22 ISO 200 + Intentional Camera Movement

New Jersey Nature Photography: Currents

When outside creating photo art, it can be extremely important to previsualize individual shots as segments of a cohesive set or exhibition.  It isn’t necessary to complete a themed set in one outing, one week, one month, or even in one year.  You also do not need to be working on just one theme at a time, but it is important to stay the course so that your artwork can be perceived as a visual study with impact.  Below are some photos I took on Saturday, and while very similar at first glance there are compositional difference throughout.  I’m not sure that this set is complete, but I will use this to contact local art galleries to get feedback on my concept.

NJ Art Photos

A recent series of #nature extract photos taken in New Jersey. Taken handheld with the #Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the #Canon EOS 50D DSLR.

All above photos were taken handheld with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the Canon EOS 50D DSLR.

New Jersey Nature Photography – Unsettling

I’ve intentionally been taking art photos with just enough intentional blur to retain definition on the subject matter, but also enough to cause some ghosting within the frame.  One man honestly stated that my photos could make him nauseous if they were hung on his walls.  I couldn’t help myself from chuckling.  One word that came up in online discussions is “unsettling”, and that helps me remember why I began taking these photos.  Unsettling is the goal.

NJ Art Photo

A row of phragmites spirals and reaches in front of tanks and a bare tree. Art photo taken at Mill Creek Point in #NewJersey using the #Tamron 14-150mm All-In-One lens and the #Olympus PEN E-PL3 m43 camera.

New Jersey Art Photo: Leaf and Snow #1

Below is a handheld macro art photo that I took yesterday on a short nature walk in New Jersey.  I was outside just as it had begun to snow, so I was able to photograph small crystals of snow right after they they’d landed on the surface of this serrated leaf.  Why do I like this photo?  For me, there is a really nice amount of texture within the frame.  My favorite textures are the serrated edges of the leaf and also the shapes of the snow particles.  The color scheme is primarily the complimentary colors of red and green, although the very overcast sunlight rendered them as muted.  My mind interprets the dull colors as an oil painting palette, perhaps from the Dutch Masters.

NJ art photo

A closeup view of freshly fallen snow becomes a study in repeating patterns, seemingly painted in red and green. #Art photo taken with the #Tamron SP 180mm macro lens and the Canon EOS 7D DSLR in #NewJersey

New Jersey Nature Photography: Maple Leaf and Tree Trunk

I do often find myself pursuing complex compositions and camera techniques in hopes of creating compelling photo art.  Some nature scenes call for a very straightforward and simple shot though.  When my eyes caught this vivid Maple leaf already situated in a very aesthetic environment all I had to do was to adjust my focal length and tripod, and to trip the camera’s shutter.

I think some of the other fallen leaves have interesting curling taking place, and that they are essential visual accessories.

NJ Art Photo

A serene and intimate view of a forest floor in Bergen County, New Jersey. Photo taken with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera.

Above photo taken with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera in Closter, New Jersey.  Exposure settings: 1/13 F/11 ISO 100, 162mm