New Jersey Art Photo: Leaf and Snow #1

Below is a handheld macro art photo that I took yesterday on a short nature walk in New Jersey.  I was outside just as it had begun to snow, so I was able to photograph small crystals of snow right after they they’d landed on the surface of this serrated leaf.  Why do I like this photo?  For me, there is a really nice amount of texture within the frame.  My favorite textures are the serrated edges of the leaf and also the shapes of the snow particles.  The color scheme is primarily the complimentary colors of red and green, although the very overcast sunlight rendered them as muted.  My mind interprets the dull colors as an oil painting palette, perhaps from the Dutch Masters.

NJ art photo

A closeup view of freshly fallen snow becomes a study in repeating patterns, seemingly painted in red and green. #Art photo taken with the #Tamron SP 180mm macro lens and the Canon EOS 7D DSLR in #NewJersey

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