New Jersey Art Photo: Leaf Detail; Late November

While foliage is most often photographed in Autumn to capture the vivid coloration, there are certainly reasons to also take such photos in Spring, Summer, and Winter.   In my photo featured below, I was drawn to the slight gradients of brown tones in the leaf.  The patterns in the holes of the leaf also take on a life of their own from this macro view.  Looking at the subject even further, one can see a bit of fine detail on the leaf’s surface.  I took this photo handheld to achieve both a level of sharpness and also a bit of photo Impressionism.

NJ Art Photo

A macro view of a worn leaf in a forest provides a study of aging and wear. Photo taken handheld with the #Tamron SP 180mm #macro lens and the #Canon EOS 7D.

Photo taken handheld with the Tamron SP 180mm macro lens and the Canon EOS 7D DSLR.  Exposure settings: 1/4s F/10 ISO 200.

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