Two birds stepped onto a sedge island…

IMG_8528 fbook

Two birds stepped onto a sedge island…
Eastern Willet and Herring Gull
Great Bay Boulevard WMA
Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Great Blue Heron in Denville NJ

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Great Blue Heron
Denville, New Jersey
Either this bird was trying to tell me something or it ingested a few of its own feathers.
Canon EOS SL2 + Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2

Red-shouldered Hawk in Sussex County NJ

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Red-shouldered Hawk
Hamburg, New Jersey
This shot was taken recently at roadside along Route 94 and taken with my car window rolled down. I did a doubletake after driving passed a small patch of trees between 2 homes in Sussex County. Luckily I was able to turn my car around and get in position for a few shots of this Red-shouldered as it scanned for rodent prey.
Canon EOS SL2 + Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2