Turkey Vulture and Fall Foliage – as seen from Four Birds Trail

Turkey Vulture and Fall Foliage
Four Birds Trail / Craigmeur Cliffs
Rockaway Twp NJ
October 2021

The white-blazed Four Birds Trail provides a good workout as well as expansive views off of Green Pond Road.

I park here for this section of the Four Birds Trail – https://goo.gl/maps/xfKBicW3Epio6PKX8

Reflections on the South Branch

Reflections on the South Branch

Ken Lockwood Gorge WMA, Hunterdon County NJ

Angling the camera downward in portrait orientation allowed me to capture the reflecting colors of both the sky as well as the background foliage.

Plan your visit to Ken Lockwood Gorge – https://www.nynjtc.org/park/ken-lockwood-gorge-wildlife-management-area

High Point Monument and Observation Platform

IMG_5770 fbook.jpg

High Point Monument and Observation Platform
Sussex, New Jersey
The observation platform at High Point is located off the short but scenic driving loop. This is a very convenient way to get acquainted with High Point State Park, though not fully comprehensive of the diverse terrain to be found.
Canon EOS M50 + EFM 11-22mm lens

Autumn at Taylortown Reservoir


Autumn at Taylortown Reservoir
Montville, New Jersey
Driving the course of Boonton Avenue from downtown Boonton to its confluence in Butler with Kakeout Road is an easy and relaxing way to get to Route 23 in Morris County. I always like to admire the water and woods around Taylortown Reservoir while driving through.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm vc

Autumn at Muriel Hepner Park

483A4294 fbook.jpg

Autumn at Muriel Hepner Park
Denville NJ
Taken prior to the recent deluge.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm

Old Farmhouse in Autumn

483A4153 fbook.jpg

Old Farmhouse in Autumn
Hampton Township, New Jersey
I caught a glimpse of this rural decay from the road and decided to try to capture the scene.
Canon 5Dsr + Tamron SP 15-30mm VC

Autumn Morning on the Pochuck Boardwalk

IMG_5575 fbook.jpg

Autumn Morning on the Pochuck Boardwalk
Vernon, New Jersey
As seen recently from the Appalachian Trail. This section of the AT is great for a leisurely walk or photography.
Canon EOS M50 + EF-M 11-22mm lens

Landscape Photograph – Jonathan’s Woods in Autumn

This image is one of my favorite recent photographs.  It was taken on November 4th 2017 mid-morning on a bright overcast day.  This Autumn was not a colorful foliage season in my area but I was fortunate to come across a picket of golden hued Beech Trees whilst walking a wooded trail.  The trail is situated within Jonathan’s Woods in Rockaway NJ.

New Jersey Fine Art Landscape Photography by Dave Blinder

Jonathan’s Woods in Autumn. A wooded trail meanders through a pocket of vivid American Beech trees in November. New Jersey Fine Art Landscape Photograph from Rockaway Township by Dave Blinder.

My goal with this image was to capture a frame which a viewer could easily place themselves into.  I had quite an immersive nature experience on this pleasant walk with the fragrant smells of the deciduous forest, the earthy palette of the woodlands, and the slightest breeze on my face.  If this image is successful the viewer should also have an engaging exploration within the frame with no coaxing of words or other cues.  We shall find out when I print and exhibit the piece!

I should easily be able to make a 20″ x 30″ print from this full frame capture.  This wide angle perspective is brought to you by the Tamron USA SP 15-30mm VC lens.  A lens this wide gives an extremely broad perspective and will also make objects nearer to the camera appear larger.  This characteristic can be utilized by the landscape photographer to simulate three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional capture.  It helps the the Tamron 15-30mm is also exceedingly sharp.  Camera utilized was the Sony A7R which produces highly detailed and vivid images of my treks.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to get out and appreciate your local nature.  Purchase the lens through my Amazon Affiliate link helps support my art.

Do you have any thoughts or questions about the image?  Leave a comment on this post or send me an email to dave@daveblinder.com

New Jersey Nature Photography: Sweetgum Leaves

When shooting nature photography, it would seem that the best opportunities occur as far off the beaten path as possible.  However, with a lens with closeup functions it is possible to eliminate all context from a photograph.  Also, a telephoto lens can draw in far away scenery with no relation to where the photographer positioned his/her feet.  The photo in this post was actually taken in a Target parking lot in New Jersey… but who have guessed it?

NJ Art Photo

Drooping yellow and red leaves on a Sweetgum tree indicates oncoming cold weather. Photo taken with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One Lens and Canon EOS 50D.

Above photo taken with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One Lens and the tripod-mounted Canon EOS 50D DSLR.  Exposure settings: 1/8 F/10 ISO 100