Harlequin Ducks preening in NJ

Harlequin Ducks preening

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, LBI NJ

December 2018

When engaged in behavioral interactions, the Harlequin Duck gives distinctly unducklike squeaks, the source of one of its local names: sea mouse. More info on Harlequins –https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Harlequin_Duck/overview

Tamron USA SP 150-600mm VC + Lumix GH4

83rd Annual Boonton Christmas Bird Count

Scenes from the 83rd Annual Boonton Christmas Bird Count

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It was great to meet up with all of the passionate local birders this morning at the Empire Diner in Parsippany NJ before getting outside.  We overhead stories of double digit Screech Owls and a Barn Owl being detected in the pre-dawn hours.

We had a sunny morning outdoors, tallied 29 species of birds for a total of 175 birds observed in our territory.

See our sighting checklist here – https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S50892929

We will await the full Boonton CBC tally from mocosocoBirds

Vesper Sparrow at Troy Meadows NJ

Yesterday was my first day out in the field using the Metabones T Smart Adapter.  I am using the Metabones with my arsenal of lenses for the Canon EF mount in order to pair them with my Panasonic Lumix GH4 and G7.  I think this can be a great combination for wildlife videography especially given the GH4’s large crop factor for 4K filming of 2.49x!  The effective reach of my Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2 is nearly 1500mm which can be very effective for filming small or distant wildlife such as birds.


Vesper Sparrow

Troy Meadows, Parsippany NJ
December 1, 2018

Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2 + Lumix GH4

More info on Vesper Sparrows here – https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Vesper_Sparrow/overview

Full ebird checklist here – https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S50352117

Bob Perkins Memorial at Troy Meadows

Saturday October 27th 2018
Troy Meadows, Parsippany, New Jersey
Hosted by Wildlife Preserves

A small crowd gathered to celebrate the life and achievements of Bob Perkins at the Troy Meadows Nature Preserve.  Celebratory speeches were given by Len Fariello, Reverend Kenneth Austenberg, Anita Austenberg-Shotwell, Luca Fariello and William Fiore Esquire.  A beautiful memorial plaque in Bob’s memory was unveiled, friends were reunited, and a good time was had by all.

Also in attendance:

Ranger Pauline, Ranger Raf, Ranger Hawk, Land Steward Dave Blinder, Ed & Sarah Sammans, Chuck Hantis, Dave Landry, Geoff Millington, Ellen Jones, Blaine Rothauser, Diane Louie (NJ Audubon)


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Bob Perkins’ Obituary:

Robert (Bob) Logan Perkins, Jr., 89, was born on June 23, 1927 and passed away on June 16, 2017, just a few days short of his ninetieth birthday.

Robert’s legacy is preserving vast freshwater marshland in the central Passaic River Basin from Great Swamp north to Black Meadows, Troy Meadows and Great Piece Meadows.

He is the founding father of Wildlife Preserves, Inc., a private, nonprofit land conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of natural areas, open space, wildlife, and wildlife habitats for conservation, education, and research. He was an avid bird watcher and could recognize thousands of birds and hundreds of bird calls.

He was known for walking through swamps with a pair of binoculars and a canoe paddle to blaze his way. He was one of 105 students attended The Putney Boarding School in Putney, Vermont and graduated Yale in 1955.

In his youth, he raised funds from rich, private philanthropists who loved birds; he charmed hundreds of land owners and bought thousands of acres of natural lands under the name of Wildlife Preserves, Inc.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service praised Bob Perkins regarding his accomplishment for consolidating hundreds of individual lots of land into one contiguous parcel at Troy Meadows; a letter written in 1960 from the Fish and Wildlife Service states, “(He) did what no one else was able to do before him.” Wildlife Preserves donated, sold, and in some cases its lands were taken to create many parks and forests in the Northeast. Parts of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuges, the Fire Island National Seashore and three Morris County Parks were saved and once owned and by Wildlife Preserves.

Mr. Perkins acquired marshlands from the Delaware Bay in Delaware and southern New Jersey, north through the Pine Barrens, along the central Passaic Basin to the Appalachian mountains of northern New Jersey, through New York State, and as far north as New Hampshire and Maine.

He acquired more land than he could keep track of and lost lots of parcels to foreclosure for lack of paying property taxes.

Landscapes of New Jersey, November 2018 at Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Join us for the opening of my “Landscapes of New Jersey” photography exhibit.

Saturday November 10th at 2PM

New Jersey art exhibit

Landscapes of New Jersey photography exhibit by Dave Blinder

The exhibit includes 1 framed piece for each county within New Jersey (21 in total). The purpose of the exhibit is to celebrate open space and the importance of our local natural resources. The centerpiece of the exhibit “Day’s End at Great Bay” is my personal favorite and is framed to over 3 feet.

If you don’t care for art you can just come for wine and cheese!

Wine Cheese.jpg


The Frelinghuysen Arboretum – Haggerty Center
353 East Hanover Ave, Morris Township, NJ 07960


If you have any questions about the exhibit you can email me at dave@daveblinder.com

2019 Refrigerator Magnet

I am preparing a 4″x7″ 2019 real estate refrigerator magnet with important dates and four of my favorite NJ seasonal nature photographs.
Let me know if you’d like one!

Dave Blinder Weichert Realtors Mountain Lakes NJ

4 of my favorite local NJ seasonal images that will be featured on my 2019 magnetic calendar!

Protect Our Wetlands Water and Woods September 2018 Hawk Watch Hike

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this morning’s Protect Our Wetlands Water and Woods (POWWW) September Hawk Watch Hike and nice to see other friends and volunteers out this morning Wildcat Ridge WMA Hawk Watch!

All photos taken with the Tamron USA 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD All-In-One Lens.


Click on thumbnails below to view larger images.



We travelled approximately 6 miles round trip and began our trip on the Orange Trail on Old Beach Glen Road on Rockaway.  We followed the Orange Trail for a nice riparian walk parallel to the Beaver Brook before making a waterway crossing via the Eagle Scout Bridge.  We then walked across Meridan Road to pick up the Blue Trail within Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

We ascended the Blue Trail and turned onto the Red/Blue Blaze before finally connecting to the White Trail (Four Birds Trail) and heading to our destination at the Wildcat Ridge WMA Hawk Watch.

Wildlife sightings included: Northern Cricket Frog, Pickerel Frog, Pileated Woodpecker (2), Sharp-shinned Hawk, Black Bear!, Five-lined Skinks

About POWWW:

Protect Our Wetlands Water and Woods’ Mission is to protect wetlands, woodlands and potable water supplies throughout the Beaver Brook watershed in Denville, Rockaway and Boonton Townships. POWWW identifies and supports land acquisition and provides site stewardship and public education programs. POWWW is a charitable 501(c)(3) Denville-based non-profit open space organization.  Founded in 1987, POWWW has partnered with local municipalities to preserve 650 acres of permanent open space for passive recreation.

Find POWWW on the web:



For more information, upcoming events, or donations please email us at:


Hatchling Snapping Turtle Video from Great Swamp NWR

September 3rd 2018

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Morris County NJ

2 of these young ones out on the gravel trails near the Helen C Fenske visitor center on Pleasant Plains Road.  I already had my camera low to the ground for macrophotography so I threw caution to the wind and let the “videotapes” run.

Canon 5Dsr + Sigma 50mmm EX macro

Still images of the young Snapping Turtle here – https://www.facebook.com/daveblinderphotography/posts/1116588538513960

Couple of shots from Rockaway Twp NJ

2 quick shots from my hike up to Wildcat Ridge WMA Hawk Watch this morning in Rockaway Township NJ.

I was scouting out the trail conditions for our upcoming Protect our Wetlands, Water and Woods September 15th hike – https://www.facebook.com/events/322868031605161/

morris county new jersey hiking

Sasso Tract in Rockaway Township NJ, this is a great connector trail from Jonathan’s Woods to Wildcat Ridge.

new jersey birding

Frank Budney scans for migrating hawks at Wildcat Ridge WMA Hawk Watch. Rockaway Township NJ, August 2018.


More details for POWWW’s September 15th Hawk Watch Hike are here on TapInto.

Now on display at Warren Twp Library!

“Landscapes of New Jersey”

NJ Landscape Photographer

On display now at the Warren Township Library through the month of September.

42 Mountain Blvd.
NJ 07059

NJ local artwork for sale

A 21 piece fine art photograph exhibit showcasing precisely 1 image for every county in New Jersey.

Somerset County NJ art exhibit

All finished pieces are for sale and custom framing and sizing is available. All images can be enlarged to 20″x30″ for home installations.

where to buy pictures of NJ



New Jersey artist

Custom wooden NJ map thanks to Reclaimed LLC

DBlinder Landscapes of NJ Warren Library-9738

DBlinder Landscapes of NJ Warren Library-9720


DBlinder Landscapes of NJ Warren Library-9723

I also have smaller wildlife photography in the nearby annex room.

DBlinder Landscapes of NJ Warren Library--2

I will be presenting an inside look at the project on the night of August 15th – http://sclsnj.libnet.info/event/657517
Hours and street address of Warren Township Library here – https://sclsnj.org/about/branch-locations/
Do you have any questions about the images or techniques I used?
Seeking photography lessons?
Are you looking to purchase one of the pieces?
Drop me a line!