Heislerville Before The Storm, Part I

Before The Storm, Part I

Before The Storm, Part I

Heislerville WMA
Cumberland County NJ
October 2021

The stark dead trees along Thompson Beach Road contrasted strongly with the late morning sky.

Read more about Heislerville WMA – https://njaudubon.org/wp-content/wildlife/DelawareBayshoreTrails/Sites/tabid/440/Scope/site/Guide/DELBAYSH/Site/25/Default.html

Trail with Evergreens in Fog – Jonathan’s Woods

Trail with Evergreens in Fog
Jonathan’s Woods
Morris County NJ
Taken earlier in December a vail of fog shrouded the remnants of the local CCC White Pine Plantation off of Old Ford Road.

Read more about CCC projects below

12/13/2020 at Lake Arrowhead in Denville

12/13/2020 at Lake Arrowhead

Denville NJ

It was a visual odyssey watching the rising sun burn through the dense fog over the lake this morning.

Fog on Kittatinny Point

IMG_8068-2 fbook.jpg

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, New Jersey

Kittatinny Point represents, in my mind, the spirit of outdoor recreation. As a boy I longingly admired these mountains on the way to Poconos camping with my neighbors and their dad. This is the site where in the summers of P.C. (Pre-coronavirus), hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts congregate on kayaks, canoes, and tubes to ride the waters of the Delaware River.  Kittatinny Point is also a quick and scenic pulloff to stretch your legs if you are traveling to Pennsylvania on Interstate 80.

Visit Kittatinny Point – https://scenicwilddelawareriver.com/entries/kittatinny-point-visitor-center-bushkill-pa/f378f6a4-f8c1-441e-9fd1-f0ca6c05768a

Kugler Falls

IMG_7403 fbook.jpg

Kugler Falls
Kingwood, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
I didn’t know these waterfalls existed before I stopped to check out a random hiking kiosk on Route 29. I was glad I stopped.
Canon EOS M50 + EFM 11-22mm lens

Winter Waterfall Photography in Hunterdon County

Winter Waterfall Photography in Hunterdon County

Kugler Falls, Kingwood NJ

My first hike up this short scenic trail in Hunterdon County. A great place to visit though the narrow trail is treacherous in Winter.

Visit Kugler Falls – https://www.hunterdonlandtrust.org/portfolio-items/kugler-woods-preserve/

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Canty Lake and Casino in Fog

IMG_7186 fbook.jpg

Canty Lake and Casino in Fog
Silas Condict County Park, Kinnelon NJ
Silas Condict is a great area for outdoor photography. The parking area is a very short walk from Canty Lake or you can take a nice circular scenic hike on the White Trail.
Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera + EFM 11-22mm lens

December Snowfall on Cook’s Pond


December Snowfall on Cook’s Pond
Denville Township, New Jersey
Taken during last week’s snowfall. I used the pop-up flash on my Canon camera to freeze a few nearby snowflakes as they fell.
Canon EOS M50 + EF-M 11-22mm IS lens

Snow on Rock Ridge Lake

fbook IMG_6658.jpg

Snow on Rock Ridge Lake
Denville, New Jersey
December 2019
The snow was steady at this point of the day. I had about 4 attempts at each shot before the lens was covered in snowflakes and condensation. Luckily my mirrorless camera also has an electronic level which I can utilize through the viewfinder.
Canon EOS M50 + EFM 11-22mm IS lens

The Best Weather for Nature Photography?

My favorite nature photos, especially landscapes are often taken in the most brutal weather conditions.  Often in snow, rain, or wind that makes being outdoors very uncomfortable.  On the contrary, I don’t find many of my “blue sky” shots to have much of a mood to them.  Why the correlation between extreme weather and dramatic photos?  I’m not entirely sure, but I think that the sunlight is often much softer during bad weather spells.  Also, precipitation and moisture in the air create a lot of mystery and drama.  Perhaps a great deal of effective nature photography lives in the surreal or sublime realms?  On the other hand, embracing and emphasizing the mundane is an effective technique too, especially for street photography.

As my photography years go on, I’ve come to embrace adverse weather conditions more and more.

What weather conditions have created your most dramatic photos?

Wooded Road in Winter

Infrared photo taken in the early stages of a snow storm in Chester, New Jersey. I had finished a quick walk at some local parks, but glanced down a residential road and couldn’t resist shooting a vanishing point in the snow.

Electric Brook Falls in Winter

Photo taken shortly after a snow storm. The walk down to this vantage point was treacherous to say the least. I did not enjoy the bitter cold or the fright from extremely icy rocks. I do enjoy looking at the photo from home now, though.

New Jersey Nature Photography

A very gloomy morning on the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken in Ocean City, New Jersey. The wind was strong and actually a big unnerving. Even with a tripod-mounted camera, I will keep the camera’s strap around my neck to avoid accidents in this type of weather.

And here is a blue sky photo that I like:

New Jersey Nature Photography

A blue sky above the New Jersey Pinelands is dotted with Cumulus clouds, adding the illusion of depth to some two-dimensional pixels.