Fog on Lake Jean

Having woken up at 4AM to make a sunrise trek from New Jersey to Ricketts Glenn, I had tripod in hand and was ready to capture mirror-like images of the morning sun hitting the horizon over Lake Jean.  However, that wasn’t to be, the dense fog rendered visibility to about 20 feet.  Not a problem!  When interesting atmospheric and weather conditions occur you just roll with the punches!

PA Fine Art Photo

Long exposure landscape photo of a foggy morning at Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania.

The above photo was taken with the Tamron 18-270mm VC Lens and the Canon EOS M Compact Systems Camera with the shutter at 5seconds, an aperture of F/13, and ISO 100.  Taken in Aperture Priority Mode with -1/3 exposure compensation dialed in.  Carbon fiber tripod, Spot Metering, 2-second delay, Auto White Balance, RAW image format.

3 thoughts on “Fog on Lake Jean

    • Aaron – I bought two EOS M’s when they went on sale on eBay. $249 new in box that came with the 22mm F/2.0 lens. I will probably sell the lenses, but I purchased an aftermarket Canon EF to M adapter to mate my current lenses to it. I did have autofocus hang once yesterday, but it might be a faulty adapter. At ISO 100 (base ISO) my landscape files came out very sharp and noise-free. I tried to do some macro photography on a 2cm butterfly recently, and found that the touchscreen and lag of this model are not ideal for macro wildlife. I still find great value in the camera for an 18mp sensor, 1080p sensor, and standard Canon hot shoe.


      • Thanks for your observations.. If they go on sale again, I’ll most likely purchase one. I have a few EF lenses I could use with it. (after purchasing the lens adapter)

        I wish Canon would get serious with their Mirrorless offering(s) and announce the EOS-M3 and Pro-sumer version. And announce a few native lenses (like that elusive 11-22mm that is only available over seas)


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