Online Program – Nature Photography in the Florida Everglades and Beyond

Join us Tuesday night for my online program of Nature Photography in the Florida Everglades and Beyond.

I’ll give pointers on best time of year to visit the region, great Everglades access points to observe wildlife, and info on how to get off the beaten trail in this hotbed of biodiversity.

Thank you to the Somerset County Library System for allowing me to talk about my passion of nature photography. If you have any questions or comments on photography programming email me at

DJI_0011 fbook.jpg

Pine Trees and Parking Area at Jonathan’s Woods
Morris County New Jersey
Old Beach Glen Road in the foreground, Beaver Brook snaking through the midground, Christ Church on Green Pond Road beyond. This is our primary parking area for Jonathan’s Woods.
Learn more about Jonathan’s Woods –
Phantom 3 Professional Drone
FAA Part 107 Exempt Certified Unmanned Aircraft Pilot

Caught red-handed

Caught doing what I love to do, speaking about photography. Here is an image from a presentation I gave last night at the Pike Imaging Council.
Thank you for the photo Allan Weingarten! Great group of artists at the PIC in Milford PA.

New Jersey Real Estate Photography

I was responding to an online classified this morning for local real estate photography in New Jersey.  The qualifications listed included panoramic shooting, basic flash usage, and owning professional equipment.  Feeling qualified for the position, I decided a simple and neat relevant PDF would be the best way to apply for this job opportunity.  I always make sure to include an interactive hyperlink to my website when designing promotional PDF’s and also make my email address “clickable”.

NJ architectural photography

Cover of a PDF I recently designed to advertise my services for architectural, real estate, and panoramic photography in New Jersey.