84th Boonton Christmas Bird Count

2019 Boonton CDC-4.jpg2019 Boonton CDC-7.jpg2019 Boonton CDC-1.jpgIMG_6955 copyIMG_6964 copyIMG_2955.jpg

84th Boonton Christmas Bird Count
After meeting with fellow Morris County birdwatchers at Empire Diner, myself, Jeff Scheidecker, and Douglas Vorolieff made way for Boonton Township. We began our bird tally at Kincaid Woods, stopped at the Rockaway Valley Aerodrome Fields, and then concluded at the Pyramid Mountain Visitor Center.
We enjoyed a bright sunny morning, crossed paths with hiking acquaintenances, and I made a few business contacts. Nice start to the holiday season!
For full tallies of the Boonton Christmas Bird County check back at http://mocosocobirds.com/

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