November Waterfowl at Lake Arrowhead


fbook IMG_4577.jpg

fbook IMG_4564.jpg

November Waterfowl at Lake Arrowhead
Denville NJ
A few long-distance low-light shots out of the window from this morning. I was surprised to see such a high concentration of Hooded Mergansers.
More info on the Hooded Merganser –
This morning’s tally:
12+ Hooded Mergansers (pictured)
1 Great Blue Heron (pictured)
3 Common Mergansers (not pictured)
20 Mallards (not pictured)
1 Bufflehead (not pictured)
1 Ring-billed Gull (not pictured)
1 Ring-necked Duck (not pictured)
Canon SL2 + Tamron SP 150-600mm VC G2
fbook IMG_4590.jpg
fbook IMG_4602.jpg

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