New Jersey Art Photography: Breaking Wave and Rocks

While doing some nature photography today in New Jersey, I decided to try to capture some of the break waves of the Atlantic Ocean by using some Impressionism in my photography.  I surmised that a handheld exposure of slightly more than 1 second would soften the detail within my frame just enough to leave some of the scene to the viewer’s imagination.  I also like to retain a bit of detail for this sort of shot.  There are many variables when shooting in this style, the most unpredictable one being the amount of shake caused by my hands over the course of a 1 second exposure.  After shooting 20 or 30 frames and reviewing on my camera LCD, I decided that I should have at least 1 or 2 images to my liking.  Below is what I consider the most successful capture.

NJ Art Photo

The turbulence of the Atlantic Ocean resolves with a wave crashing on large rocks off the seaboard of New Jersey. #Photo taken handheld with the #Tamron 16-300m VC All-In-One lens and the #Canon EOS M mirrorless camera.

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