New Jersey Videography: Lint

I was strumming my acoustic guitar over the weekend (as I often do), and when I come up with a little progression that I think sounds good I will flip on my DSLR and try to make a quick video out of it.  This video that I put together over the weekend was the first time I’ve incorporated creative blending modes to make some interesting opacity effects in my video edits.  I first recorded the passage on guitar with my Tamron SP 90mm VC macro lens directed into my dusty lint-filled soundhole.  Next I played the same guitar bit again, but this time I had the macro lens focused closely on my face to see what happens.

Using my own judgement I spliced up bits of the two video streams to add to the visual interest of my end product.  The HD audio was recorded straight to my Canon EOS 60D via my RODE Videomic GO shotgun microphone.  I had to adjust the manual audio recording level to avoid clipping the punchy treble tones from my Washburn acoustic guitar.

Please leave any comments and questions you do have about the video or post-processing.

Do you need filming or video editing done for your small business or family functions?  I’m available!

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