New Jersey Landscape Photography: Muriel Hepner Park; Autumn

I’ve just gotten home from a local photography art meeting at the time of this posting.  We engaged in critiques of photos from the traditional artist viewpoints of mood, composition, and uniqueness.  Quite a different mentality than looking for “likes on Facebook”.  I do think the photo I am posting here is a very straightforward composition, but at the same time the texture of the rocks and the wooden bridge provide character and personality to the scene.

NJ Nature Photo

The midday sun and vibrant Fall foliage provide a warm glow around a pond. Taken with the Tamron 14-150mm DI III Lens for m43.

Above photo was taken in Denville, New Jersey on October 18, 2014.  Exposure settings: 1/50th F/10 ISO 200

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