Skateboarding Photography: Feeble Grind

I was recently watching some YouTube videos about professional skateboard photography by Michael Burnett.  I can’t remember hearing his name before, despite subscribing to TransWorld Skateboarding for several years when I was younger.  Anyways, the photos and techniques he displays in the instructional video are nothing short of top notch.  Being an industry pro, a great technician, and an artist, I just don’t don’t see how a person could be a better shooter than Michael Burnett.

He emphasizes the importance of showing the surroundings in skate shots which makes a great amount of sense.  It’s also pretty clear that his job is showcasing specific professional skateboarders, because the public and the skaters’ sponsors need to see the person doing the 360 flips or whatever.  However since I am predominantly a nature photographer and artsy fartsy person by design, I find myself drawn to shooting “just the details” of the sport at times.

Sk8 pic

A closeup view of Joe Rajsteter grinding a flat rail in New Jersey. My eyes keep getting drawn to the shadow… and I like that.

Above photo is of my friend Joe Rajsteter executing a Feeble Grind.  Photo taken handheld with the Tamron SP 70-200mm VC F/2.8 lens and the Canon EOS 6D.  Exposure settings: 1/1000 F/5 ISO 100

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