Birdscape: Vulture and Clouds

I went outside for a relatively short duration this morning, and with intermittent clouds and harsh late morning sun I envisioned it as time better spent photographing wildlife than landscapes.  Once I got to my destination I was excited to see three Red-tailed Hawks (our most common Hawk) flying near each other.  Unfortunately, they dispersed quickly so the photo opps were limited.  Shortly thereafter, two Turkey Vultures (common large scavenger) lofted above the treeline and into the clouds.  While not the most graceful or attractive bird, they are interesting in their own right and I will often photograph them if the conditions are right.

Cathartes aura

A Turkey Vulture soars through dramatic clouds in the skies above New Jersey. Image taken with the Tamron SP 150-600mm VC lens and the Canon EOS 7D.

This was my favorite frame of a Vulture flying from today.  I like this angle of its wingspan, and that its flight path is parallel to the seam in the clouds.

Photo taken with the tripod-mounted Tamron SP 150-600mm and the Canon EOS 7D.  Exposure settings: 1/1250 F/10 ISO 100

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