Old Dock and Musconetcong River in Autumn

We are really getting a nice variety of colors in our deciduous trees in Northern New Jersey now.  As much as I’d like to be lazy I know that these opportunities are fleeting, and that an overcast day can really make for beautiful nature captures.

New Jersey Fall Landscape Photo

An old dock twists along the Musconetcong River in New Jersey with a backdrop of Autumn Foliage. Taken with the Tamron SP 24-70mm VC lens and the Canon EOS 6D full frame camera.

The above photo was taken today at the Saxton Falls section of Stephens State Park.  I did try several compositions with this twisted dock including vertical images, but this one “just worked” for me.  Putting the frame of the dock in the center bottom of the image makes a nice leading line into the reflections of the Musconetcong River.

Photo taken with Tamron SP 24-70mm VC lens, a circular polarizing filter, and the tripod-mounted Canon EOS 6D full frame DSLR.  Exposure settings: 2s F/18 ISO 11, 33mm.

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