Waterfall and Vista Hike at Schooley’s Mountain

Waterfall and Vista Hike at Schooley’s Mountain

Waterfall and Vista Hike at Schooley’s Mountain

Schooley’s Mountain County Park
Washington Township, NJ

On this narrated hike I take the blue trail to the white trail to reach the picturesque waterfalls and overlook at Schooley’s Mountain. I also pause to admire The Boathouse, Lake George, The Lodge, and Loree Chapel.

Plan your visit to Schooley’s Mountain – https://www.morrisparks.net/index.php/parks/schooleys-mountain-county-park/

Set your GPS to the main parking lot – https://goo.gl/maps/PizoqETUDGy3R2p19

Electric Brook Falls in Autumn

Electric Brook Falls in Autumn

Schooley’s Mountain County Park, Washington Township NJ
October 2020

Visit Schooley’s Mountain County Park – https://www.morrisparks.net/index.php/parks/schooleys-mountain-county-park