Canon EOS M50 – First Day Out

Canon EOS M50

24 megapixel mirrorless camera
My first day out with this new camera. I will be using it for filming wildlife in Ultra High Definition (4k) as well as general nature photography.
The articulating screen and touch screen are great features. Having a few less manual dials than a full sized DSLR will take getting used to. I love being able to use all of my Canon mount lenses onto a small camera though.
I should be able to run detailed prints up to 20″x30″ from this setup but will continue to use my Canon 5Dsr for heavy duty landscape work. Let me know if you have any questions about the Canon M50 which I may be able to answer for you.

Fingers and Fretboard

A short guitar video (of myself) that I recorded and edited recently in New Jersey.

Manually prefocusing two cameras on the position my guitar would be at was a challenge in itself.  I actually took a cardboard box from a photography light stand and laid it in place as a marker for focusing.  Took me about 3 tries to really guess exactly where my Ibanez guitar would be.  I had external microphones from both cameras wired fairly close to where my small guitar amplifier was on the ground.

After setting the manual video exposures on both cameras, I started rolling and slid myself into position.  Took me about 7 minutes on this take to get a 45 second musical passage that I was happy enough with.

Video post-processing first involved syncing the full 7 minute clips by matching peaks on the audio waveforms.  After that, it was a matter of cutting to whichever video feed I wanted to be viewed for the guitar part being played.  I did some color corrections, highlight tweaks, and selective saturation before rendering out the AVI file.