New Jersey Nature Photo: Bridge and Falls in Winter

Today was the first time I stumbled on this small waterfront park in downtown Belvidere, New Jersey.  Light clouds allowed for a decent amount of natural diffusion, so all I had to do was put my tripod into a logical spot and press some buttons!

For scenes with running water, angling the camera downwards often works best.  It exaggerates foreground elements and minimizes the impact of the sky.  I am doing a good amount of winter photography around mid-day, provided the light is not harsh.  Calling a typical mid-day sky in New Jersey dull would be an understatement.  No reason to have dull elements in the photo, so leaving just a sliver of the sky in photos still provides contextual clues to the actual scene.

NJ Nature Photography

A landscape photo taken today in #NJ. The #Tamron 16-300mm VC PZD #lens can offer a very nice wide perspective on a scene like this. I carefully positioned my tripod to prevent too many elements from merging with the corners of the photo frame.

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