How to take bad photographs

How to take bad photographs:

crappy nature pic

A really #bad #nature #photograph of the poorest digital quality. I took it.

1) Use poor technique.  Why strain yourself and shoot from awkward angles when you can just get out of your car, and shoot from eye level???

2) Pay no attention to how bright the sun is… PhotoShop can fix it all!!

3) Just copy what everyone else is doing.  Since when are creative arts about being creative?

4) Buy the most expensive camera, lens, and flash.  MAKE SURE to tell everyone you are using the most expensive gear.  There’s no reason to read books or take lessons when you’ve “got the goods”.

5) Spend as much time as possible criticizing others’ photos.  Don’t worry what yours look like!

6) Make a ridiculously unprofessional “branding” for your photography, maybe try “Uncle Joe-Bob’s Mind-blowing Captures”?

7) Build a network of others who also aspire to mediocrity!

In conclusion, I hope this helps you successfully take bad photographs.  Please let me know if you find this helpful.

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