New Jersey Nature Photography: Icicles and Droplet

I stumbled upon the challenge of trying to make a sharp capture of water droplets falling off an icicle today.  The timing required a little observation and a lot of luck.  To freeze the action, I had to increase the light sensitivity of my Canon Rebel by selecting ISO 6400.  Naturally, this is going to introduce a great deal of chromatic and luminance noise.  I did some selective post-processing via manual selections and multiple layers to optimize my file for print and web.  Heavy noise reduction was only run on the background layer and my second pass of sharpening was only applied to the foreground.

Detail crop showing selective post-processing:

layered image editing

A melting droplet is suspended in sharply air, but a lot of random grain has been generated. This cropped-in view only has my #selective #sharpening and #noise reduction applied on the left side.

My finalized jpeg for web usage:

Winter icicle photography
Time briefly stands still… for 1/3200 of a second in this #photo of a melting icicle. Photo taken at ISO 6400 on a #Canon T5 with the #Tamron 16-300mm VC lens.

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