Florida Nature Photography (and Photoshop Action Writing)

I am mostly done with my first round of edits from the recent photography trip to Florida… approx 3000 raw images.  I’m interested to see how many photos I will process into JPEGs for possible web and print usage, my estimation might be 15%.

Anyhow, below is one of my shots from the trip.  The photo is clearly a bit abstract because it was not only taken with my infrared converted Olympus PEN, but I also dragged the shutter while shooting from a moving car.  This intentionally introduced some motion blur, to add further dynamics to the scene.

Below I have uploaded not only my web version of the jpeg (for direct uploading to Flickr and Facebook), but also my Instagram version of the jpeg.  I have written a short Photoshop Action for the framing of the specific hosts.  Instagram restricts uploads to a square aspect ratio, so I chose to record my own action to drop my micro four thirds photos directly into a square faux film frame.  No cropping or stretching of my images needed, and it is possible that the film frame adds an extra bit of flare to the IG uploads.  For any questions of Photoshop Actions or requests for your own personalized Action please contact me.

Both photos taken with the Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens and the Olympus PEN EPL2.

Florida travel photo

An infrared photo from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in #Florida. I set a manual exposure and dragged the shutter to introduce a bit of motion blur. Photo taken with #Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens and #Olympus PEN EPL2

Instragram Square Photo

A #Photoshop Action was recorded to #automate this process, now all I have to do is click one button to repeat the process and prepare my uploads for #Instagram

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