Florida Nature Travel Photography: Brown Water Snake

Many nature photographers head to Florida to photograph birds because they are abundant, cooperative, and colorful.  Some head down to shoot landscape images of the great wilderness areas.  Probably more than a few go just to eat Key Lime Pine.  Others go for the snakes.

Below is one of the Snakes I saw on this trip, a Brown Water Snake.  This stocky serpent has a head shape that looks a bit look a dangerous viper, but there is no venom to be found in this species.

FLA Wildlife Pic

A Brown Water Snake absorbs some of the remaining heat from the road, shortly after sunset. #Photo taken handheld with the #Tamron SP 90mm VC macro lens, the #Canon T5 DSLR, and a 270EX II Speedlite with homemade flash diffuser.

FLA Water Snake Crop

A magnified view of the eye and face of a Brown Water #Snake in #Florida. Photo taken with the #Tamron SP 90mm VC macro lens.

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