New Jersey Nature Photography: Ice Detail #2

I braved the cold front for a bit on New Years Day, and headed out with my Tamron SP 180mm macro lens and Canon 6D to see what I could see.  After I began shooting, I realized that my camera’s White Balance was set to Florescent due to some indoors video I had previously been shooting.  More often than not, I will use Auto White Balance for shooting stills (in Raw format).  While White Balance is easily changed during Raw processing, it affects the “mood” of my initial photos as I glance at the previews on my LCD.

In this case, I not only liked the cooling effect of the manual White Balance on my subject matter, I loved it.  Improper WB’s can often render photos as unrealistic, but there are certainly times and places for creative WB usage.

NJ Nature Photo

Ice Detail 2. New Jersey #Nature Photo taken handheld with the #Tamron SP 180mm F/3.5 macro lens and the Canon EOS 6D.

Exposure Settings: 1/160 F/4.5 ISO 200, 180mm

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