New Jersey Art Photography: In-camera Double Exposures

The past few days I’ve been immersing my creativity in executing in-camera double exposures to capture “scenes within a scenes” with the intention of introducing the element of mystery to my nature photography.  I often find myself shooting each composition no less than ten individual frames, and after that I will see if a slightly different composition works better.  My goals for each photo are to have a good balance of detail, but also a compelling tonal range, and a balance of negative and positive space.  Post-processing is minimal.  Contrast seasoned to taste, perhaps a slight white balance shift (coming from Auto White Balance), and very soft-handed sharpening/noise reduction.

Both below images were taken with the mirrorless Canon EOS M digital camera and the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens.

New Jersey Art Photography

Single image capture of a rusty metal footbridge and a quick zoom outward to reveal the trail to the footbridge.

Exposure settings: 25s F/16 ISO 100

NJ Photographic Art

Singe image capture of reflected trees with a quick zoom outward to reveal a broader view of the stream.

Exposure settings: 15s F/8.0 ISO 100

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