New Jersey Studio Photography: Flashpoint Rover RL-600 Monolight

My prior home studio setup for headshots, candids, and formal photography was based on 2 Alien Bees AB800 strobes.  They are great lightweight units and very reliable, but having read about the very low introductory price on Adorama’s Flashpoint Rover RL-600 strobe I felt it was too good of an opportunity to pass up on.  Key features to me are the built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery as well as the “light throw” of 600 watts of illumination.

Adorama Flashpoint RoveLight RL-600

The RL-600 is not only a sleek design, it also comes with a very convenient and well thought out transport case.

I do own a few Canon and off-brand Speedlites which are extremely lightweight and convenient, but I find their light output and relative projected size to be impractical in many scenarios.  The new Flashpoint strobe was delivered yesterday, so I figured the best thing to do was to test it immediately.  Right out of the box, the included remote control worked great.  Next task was to get the monolight mounted on a lightstand and shoot my most convenient “model”, me.

New Jersey Studio Photography

Lit with RL-600 and also a YN 560 for fill light. Tamron SP 70-300mm VC lens and Canon 6D captured the image.

Strobist info and exposure settings:

RoveLight RL-600 shot against silver reflective umbrella @ 1/64th power. Yongnuo YN560 as a kicker @ 1/32nd power. YN-622C triggers. Tamron SP 70-300mm VC + Canon 6D. 1/100 F/8 ISO 200, 70mm.

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