Setting up Foliage Closeup Photos

I’ve been trying to compose more isolating leaf and foliage macros lately, and there’s certainly plenty of challenges involved in that. One of the most important aspects is the physical condition that the leaf or leaves are in. For the majority of photographs, I believe finding the nearest thing to an immaculate specimen is optimal. Although, depending on the mood of the image, perhaps you are seeking the exact opposite.

Foliage closeup photo

Fern and Rock

The setting for the leaf/leaves is of great importance as well. I experiment with contrasting surfaces and complimentary surfaces just to see “what works”. The texture of the background surface will also play a large role in the feel of the image.

In this particular shot, as with many of my still lifes, I opted to have the plant at a diagonal, as this helps break up an otherwise static and linear image. I’ve also found that a polarizing filter may be essential in these situations as reflectance from leaves can be very distracting in the final image. Lighting conditions? I’ve found flat overcast and shadowless lighting to be pretty good for these kinds of shots.

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